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Server update news

Postby Dinamix » Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:17 pm

[2016-04-24 ]
    1. Moved Hard server to new ip adress, while leaving same ip adress for Normal server
    2. Added one more server: HoE (Hell on Earth) difficulty.
    3. Probably fixed the issue with players having 0 money or receiving 0 cash
    4. Fixed the issue with easy self-burning
    5. Fixed some spamming errors which was decreasing performance of the servers
    6. Re-coded the Akimbo passive skill: Blood Loss Excitement, for better bonuse on each level-up + now it uses hp as % not as health amount
    7. Increased Ex41 Base damage from 150 to 300, increased Impact damage from 200 to 300 and increased Blast Radius from 200 to 250 units.
    8. Fixed SpitFire resistance for Firebug
    9. Increased Commando bonus damage from 2.2% to 3.0% per level (Same for UltimateGuy).
    10. Reduced Mac10 base damage from 105 to 66, now SRSBullDog Inc. has better damage output than Mac10.
    11. Lowered requirments for SharpShooter and hunter perks (same goes for UltimateGuy perk).
    12. Increased Hunter base damage per level from 1.9% to 2.5% (Same for UltimateGuy).
    13. Increased Akimbo base damage per level from 2.0% to 2.7% (Same for UltimateGuy).
    14. Increased Dread explosion damage from 20 to 40 and increased exposion radius from 200 to 250
    15. Increased Dread runing speed from 310 to 330 units
    16. Increased Clot body health from 220 to 310
    17. Increased Bloat walking speed on the non-water surface from 75 to 115
    18. Increased Stalker health from 350 to 450
    19. Lowered Brutal-Pat base Health from 22000 to 19000, but now it heals always back to 100%
    20. Lowered Necro Boss base Health from 22000 to 20000, but now it also heals always back to 100%
    21. Lowered Medic healing cash reward by 50% on Syringe and other weapons by 35%
    22. Fixed bug for Husk that not being ressistance to fire + now it has 75% ressitance to fire.
    23. Fixed a bug when Demolition perk didn't had ressitance to Revenants rockets.
    24. Fixed the issue when player dies when connecting to the server.
    25. Fixed the issue when player is in specating mode and doesn't show HUD info (like waves/alive zeds)
    26. Increased Born Beast Deagle reload speed from 2.58 sec to 1.5sec.
[2016-02-06 (05:00 Nightly Update)]
    1. Fixed the issue with Brute getting wrong health and headhealth
    2. Decreased Horror Clot movement speed fro 130 to 120
    3. Fixed the issue for Berserker weapons not being discounted properly
    4. Fixed the issue when Horror Clot could grab Berserker or Ultimate Guy perks
    5. Increased Firebug extra damage from 1.8% per level to 2.5% per level
    6. Changed Demolition resistance base resistance from 0% to 25%, leavign 1% per level
    7. Changed M32 - base damage from 350 to 450, impact damage from 200 to 350, radius from 200 to 400
    8. Changed UM32 base damage from 200 to 400
    9. Changed LAW weight from 13 to 9kg
    10. Fixed the issue for Demolition weapons not being discounted properly
    11. Changed FleshPound kill reward money from 200 to 300
    12. Fixed Demolition perk for not receiving extra ammunition bonus
    13. Changed Firebug base resistance from 10% to 30%, maximum is 95%
    14. Changed SRSBuldog Inc. base damage from 55 to 85
    15. Changed Firebomb base damage from 600 to 750
    16. Changed Protecta 1 bullet damage from 25 to 50
    17. Changed SV10 1 bullet damage from 70 to 75 and pellets amount from 7 to 15
    18. Changed SV10 Headshot multiplier from 1.1 to 1.4
    19. Recuded SharpShooter requirements by 15%
    20. Changed M202A1 base damage from 600 to 700
    21. Field Medic will now get every 5 lvl +1 hand grenade (max total 15)
    22. Changed M79 Inc. base damage from 60 to 250
    23. Changed M32 Inc base damage from 80 to 300
    24. Changed Sptifire base damage from 30 to 70
    25. Changed Molotov base damage from 24 to 50
    26. Changed Mac10 base damage from 50 to 70
    27. Changed Flamethrower base damage from 12 to 38
    28. Changed Flare Revolver/Revolvers base damage from 35 to 75
    29. Changed Trenchgun base damage from 28 to 40 per bullet
    30. Changed Huskgun from 30 to 100
    31. Ultimate Guy all extra bonus damages are now changed into 1:1 to that corresponding perk level damage
    32. Changeng scoring value for HellKnight from 100 to 150
    33. Increased Head hitbox for HellKnight
    34. Increased Revenant kill reward money from 45 to 70
    35. Increased Forgotten kill reward money from 25 to 35
    36. Increased Horror clot kill reward money from 10 to 15
    37. Increased Dread kill reward money from 20 to 30
    38. Increased Veil Maul kill reward money from 200 to 300
    39. Reduced Shield price from 1600 to 1300
    40. Changed Shield weight from 1kg to 0kg
    41. Changed ammo kit price from 1000 to 800
    42. Increased Sentry Turret health from 400 to 650
    43. When Akimbo Dual weapons are in laser mode, it will turn in single-fire mode, while turned off laser will turn into automatic-mode
    44. Non-Akimbo perks while holding dual weapons will be forced lasers-off and forced into single-fire mode
    45. Increased akimbo passive skill speed

    If you are interested in helping to balance the servers, pelase check in our steam group! ... 8131900302
[2016-02-04 (22:00 Evening Update)]
    1. Changed HellKnight movement speed from 120 to 135
    2. Changed Horror Clot movement speed from 140 to 130
    3. Changed Brute health from 1000 to 800
    4. Changed Brute head health from 1000 to 650
    5. Changed Revenant health from 1400 to 1250
    6. Changed Revenant score value from 40 to 45
    7. Changed HK1911 headshot multiplier from 1.3 to 1.4
    8. Changed HK1911 base damage from 90 to 100
    9. Changed Glock17-Silenced base damage from 80 to 90
    10. Changed both M202s backfire smoke effect to reduce players fps drop
    11. Fixed the Combat shotgun issue when swhoed in 3rd ordinary Shotgun isntead of Combat shotgun
    12. Updated on how zeds attacks/attracts players (credits goes to Poosh from scrnbalance)
    13. HellKnights will spawn from 4th wave instead of 3th wave.
    14. Reduced Horror clots on 1-3 waves.
    15. Added more junk zeds to higher waves.
    16. Changed LightSaber fire speed (First fire - 0.67sec, Secondary fire - 1.0sec)
    17. Changed LightSaber first fire base damage from 230 to 180, secondary from 275 to 260
    18. Changed LightSaber headshot multiplier from 1.5 to 1.4
    19. Changed Zabuza headshot multiplier from 1.8 to 1.7
    20. Changed Zabuza weight from 8kg to 6kg
    21. Changed LilithsSickle price from 1000 to 2100
    22. Changed Hammer of Retribution price from 666 to 1500
    23. Changed Hammer of Retribution Headshot multiplier from 1.3 to 1.45
    24. Changed Hunter extra damage from 1.5% per level to 1.9% per level
    25. Reverted back to vanilla KF game difficulty scaling.
    26. Increased Max players from 22 to 24 In Normal server
    27. Decreased Max players from 22 to 18 In Hard server
[2016-02-04 (01:00 Nightly Update)]
    1. Changed M82A1 base damage from 375 to 320
    2. Changed M82A1 Headshot Multiplier from 3.8 to 3.0
    3. Changed M82A1 reload speed from 7 seconds to 6 seconds
    4. Changed Scout376 max ammo from 90 to 110
    5. Changed L115A3 ammo from 70 to 90
    6. Changed SKSS base damage from 160 to 145
    7. Changed SKSS weight from 7kg to 6kg
    8. Changed M82A1 Headshot Multiplier from 3.8 to 3.0
    9. Changed M82A1 Headshot Multiplier from 3.8 to 3.0
    10. Changed Field Medic Maximum Armor resistance from 87% to 80%
    11. Changed Field Medic all weapons base damage by increasing +20
    12. Changed Field Medic extra ammo from 2.5% per level to 3% per level
    13. Changed Protecta cost from 3500 to 3100
    14. Changed LilthKisses from 3750 to 3250
    15. Changed Support Specialist extra ammo from 2% per level to 3% per level.
    16. Changed SV10Shotgun pellets count from 7 to 10
    17. Changed M16 base damage from 65 to 70
    18. Changed P90 base damage from 60 to 65
[2016-02-03 Update]
    2x XP event is now on!
    1. Changed Sharpshooter requirment: now it requires HEADSHOT DAMAGE, not headshot count.
    2. Fixed constant player crashes on shop (atleast it was significantly reduces, also crass chance increases on minimizing KF!).
    3. Removed plenty weapons and added new ones (the log would be very long..)
    4. Changed mechanics of Hard-Pat and added ability to walk/run when shooting rockets.
    5. Renamed Hard-Pat into Brutal-Pat.
    6. Changed old wepaons damage/reload speed/ammo.
    7. At Brutal-Pat boss wave will show Brutal-Pat hp instead of Boss Helper.
    8. Added feature to show when VIP/Xp Boost/What xp boost you have at Stats panel (ESC>Stats)
    9. Fixed the bug when player switches from berserkers to other perk while maintaining speed bonus until it changes weapon.
    10. Fixed some issues with Dread not dealing damage, now he rushes and detonates if you don't kill him on time.
    11. Removed some skins which were never used and added new ones!
    12. Updated Miku skin visual (both 3rd and 1st person hands)
    13. Fixed the exploit with Dual weapons.
    14. Cahnged Akimbo passive mode speeding scale.
    15. When player spawn he gets full amunition.
    16. Players will not grant on respawn weapons at trader time after they sell them.
    17. Fixed the respawn timmr, when player joins and the timer doesn't work.
    18. Removed few VIP weapons and added new ones.
    19. All Akimbo perked weapons will get laser and auto-fire modes.
    20. Removed Medkit and Added Hp boost kit(50%), which caps health upto 50% of the maximum health. (Can't be healed)
    21. Added feature "No heal me", other players can't heal that player who has that feature turned on (including healing bot).
    22. Added new feature, after disconenct it saves player time/cash/kills. Saves when player disconnects if it's in wave progress, doesn't save at trader time.
    23. Ammo kit will not be able to use at trader time, for preventing exploiting it.
    24. Player can go through Turrets, but keep in mind that standing in turret will allow other zeds go past it!(for anti-exploit meassures)
    25. Healing bot will now heal to the max player health (before it was capped at 100).
    26. Removed Female Fleshpound, River.
    27. Added back Scrake, also added HellKnight, Forgotten, Revenenant.
    28. Changed Dread sound.
    29. Changed Shield priority to be top.
    30. Added Hit mark and hitmark sound which is configurable.
    31. Added Crosshair (planning to add more of them in the futue).
    32. Fixed the issue when firebug weapon will not show damage on zeds.
    33. Updated Server Information panel with new visual look and information.
    34. Fixed Remington priceing.
    35. Since I did many minor changes/fixes and weapon/skins changes that's why it's written as short as possible (or I just already forgot)...

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