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Server rules

Postby Dinamix » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:14 pm

This rules applies only at our [] Killing Floor servers

    It's forbidden to insult other players (unless it's your friend which isn't against that).
    It's forbidden to climb places where zombies can't reach you or can't damage you (includes all zombies).
    It's forbidden to use Medic Farm: while one is damaging himself and the other is healing that player.
    It's forbidden to block other player's path (example: standing on the door way on purpose).
    It's forbidden to advertise (servers, websites and etc.), players came here to play not to read advertisments...
    It's forbidden to spam, voice chat and message chat.
    Cheaters doesn't belong here, so if we caught you using some sort of programs "Hacks/Cheats" you will be punished.
    It's forbidden to play music via Voice Chat!
    It's forbidden to talk younger than 16 years old!(P.S - Younger players also can talk IF your voice isn't squeaking(childish)...)
    Come on, don't argue with administrators, it will only make worse for you...
    It's forbiden to use server bugs/exploits on your own benefit (like getting more health/speed/money in illogical way).

If you have any questions - please contact me via:

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