2X XP Boost Bonus information

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2X XP Boost Bonus information

Postby Dinamix » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:35 pm

Grants double more experience points when you deal damage or heal other players.

2X XP BOOST BONUS Price is 5$/2 months Paypal, Webmoney or Bitcoin. OR 5 euros/2 months with PaySafecard

    NOTE: If you have 2x xp BOOST BONUS + there is 2x xp event, then you will receive 2.5x xp.
    NOTE: 2X XP BOOST BONUS can me combined with Gold VIP, in other words - player who has 2X XP BOOST BONUS and Gold Vip will receive a total of 4X XP!
    NOTE: If player has 2x XP BOOST BONUS + Gold VIP + there is 2x xp event then you will receive total 4.5x xp!

For 2X XP BOOST BONUS please contact either via:

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