About current state of the server and suggestions

Here everything must be related to either to our KF servers or Killing Floor in general.
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About current state of the server and suggestions

Postby Hwoarangpro » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:12 pm

HI there im Hwoarang pro. I use to be one of the First players also there is Oldwolf, 9mm and few others that know what i'm talking about.

So back in the day this server was allot better then now. To explain.
Old server :
1. Dmg/healing of your wepons was allot higher
2. U could buy Volga v96 that was like the best weapon on this server.
3. U was faster as non Medic/VIP perk or zombies was slower.
4. Even without VIP players or Admins online u could kill last boss not so easy but u could.
5.Server did not Force u to buy VIP.
6. XP now is like 70% lower then Before wich is good and bad in the same time. After 20 lvl it become really hard to lvl up.
7. VIP Was allot better now u got GOLD and SILVER and difference XP increase and one wepon. Wich is bad
8. Prices/Discounts on wepons was allot bigger so every lvl u saw progress.
9. 50% reduced XP on normal server for ppl 60lvl+

New Server:

1. DMG/Healing of wepons is too low. damn back in the day when u lvl up your damage raise up for about 20-30% can not remember right now. Now it just raise up for 2% hellow ? how u think New player lvl 1 will Fight without VIP players on the server. No way so his destiny is to die like 20 times in the game IF there is a VIP player. IF not he will die 5 times and leave the server.
2.Where is Our Volga sniper rifle ? Wtf Admin. Why u take that away ? that was only weapon that give us hope to win freaking game.
3. Idk but player speed or zombie speed was allot faster/slower. Literally every zombie can get u if u are not VIP or Medic exept CLot and Bloats they are too slow.
4. There is like 5% chance that ppl , normal ppl if there is no VIP or Admins or 60-70+ lvl players, can not kill Patriarch. (forcing to buy VIP)
5. U could play as any perk and u had a chance to kill something and as new player u did not die so much like now. also Medics get ALLOT lower speed movement on lvl up so also(Forceing to buy VIP)
6. i will just Say Forceing to buy VIP that gives u 2x XP
7. This new VIp system sucks. 2X xp and one wepon is not worth 5$ (10$ for gold VIP)
8. Now Discount on wepon is too much. Is not enough that we deal like 70% LESS dmg then before, Is not enough that we lvl up 4 times slower then before, is not enough that we dont have Crucial wepons to even have a chance to win and also u Set Discount on Wepons that low ???? God damn it.
9. i mean is really Silly . Normal Server always got Players inside, HoE and Hard servers dont have any player whole day, ok Hard got few from time to time. How do u think ppl can lvl up with this system. THey Can not ofc, they can but it will neef like 6x time then bofore for lvl like this is 50lvl server not 100 lvl.


1. Turn off 50% lower XP for 60lvl + player because that feature sucks.
2. Bring us Back Volga v94 because this game sucks without it.
3. Increase lvl up Damage increase, current dmg increase is just a funny to watch. When boss comes , IF WE GET TO THE BOSS, we can just sit back and w8 to die.
4. Give us Back our old VIP sistem. Set price 7$ or 8$ and let ppl play this game like it should be played.
5. Increase XP for ppl. Dont be that greedy to force ppl to buy XP increase (double or Quad.)

I hope This suggestions and there is few others but i dont think ppl will react on this Topic too much that's why i just write 5 Suggestions. This is Fun server to play but this new system sucks and I like old player here i can say shame really shame what they done of this server. Admins Are idiots on this server( Not All) but most of them. U can not see 1 admin every 3 days or more.

Idk if u give up on this server or what but system in here becomes worst and worst. I hope u will GIVE US something instead forcing us to buy VIP to get more dmg,xp , new weapons etc.

Old server had like 10 VIPS or even more online because it was better server. Now u can see 1-4 online at all times.

Sorry for this long Topic but i just have to say this no meter what will happened.

Ty Hwoarangpro

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Re: About current state of the server and suggestions

Postby Hwoarangpro » Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:30 pm

And ye i forgote. Idk Dinamix what u have done with server but for some player game become allot laggy then before. Is that Mods on Serve, our internet or something else idk but for sure it is worst then before.

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Re: About current state of the server and suggestions

Postby enigmics » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:58 pm

Old normal exp = New x2
Very low basic weapon damage, Top tier sniper rifle deal 2500 dmg? rly?
Hard to up sniper perk, sniper weapons basicly weak.
Still have non-headshot projectile when projectile pierce the head, but deal non critical damage. And we have very long reload, 10 bullets with 2500 damage, where FP need 3+ shots on head, in real situation it is rly hard. When you can`t deal critical damage at close range, you have 95% chance to die when FP rush on you, I think this is the main problem of this game.

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