Rebalance of balance

Here everything must be related to either to our KF servers or Killing Floor in general.
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Rebalance of balance

Postby Wlnamp » Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:00 am

I propose to increase the amount of health for all mobs except FP for 100% -200%, and the amount of experience needed for each increase in the level of any perk by 100% -200%.
I also suggest removing the damage bonuses of all perks after level 35, or reducing them to 0.1% after level 35, or increase the damage every 5 -10 levels and not every level. Over damage is felt already after level 30, then only it becomes easier and easier.
I also propose removing ordinary clots from roulette at all. Replace them all with clots with increased resistance and increased speed.
I propose to increase the radius of the attack of Jason by 1-2 meters

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